metal park bench with solar power
charge phone outside

Why Sun Charge?

Today, it’s hard to find an available outlet indoors to charge your mobile device, not to mention nonexistent outdoors. Not anymore. Sun Charge solar powered charging stations provide safe, quick, and environmentally friendly charging solutions. Consider this:

  • Parents watching their kid’s little league game, unafraid to stream it all.

  • University students keeping up with class postings while still having charge to snap, chat, and post.

  • Park hikers can focus on the trails, not worrying about being stranded without cell phone charge.

  • Practice ends early and Tommy can call you for a ride instead of waiting alone for a long time.

  • City Managers can now include and publish the locations with Sun Charge charging stations into their emergency post disaster plans.

  • Municipal park directors and commercial facility managers can extend their green energy initiatives outdoors while offering a valuable public service and enhancing security; without costly planning and installation of electrical conduit.

  • Golfers won’t have to stare at the “low battery” symbol on their phone nine holes from the clubhouse.

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