• 60-Watt polycrystalline solar panel

  • Four stage battery management system

  • 36-Amp Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery

  • 4 Dual USB 3.0 Rapid-Charge ports

  • Capable of charging eight devices simultaneously

  • Dedicated handicap access port under table

  • Uses intelligent device recognition.

  • Wet and over-temperature protection

  • Water resistant enclosure

  • Designed to function year round

  • Theft-resistant mounting with stainless steel security screws

Ideal for

  • Public Parks and Open Spaces

  • Sports facilities and Golf Courses

  • College Campuses

  • Shopping Centers

  • Outdoor Entertainment and Dining Venues

  • Hiking Trails and Campgrounds

  • Marinas and more

About the Solar Charging Pole

Sun Charge Systems’ Solar Charging Pole is our most versatile charging solution. Its modern design makes it a natural complement to existing seating arrangements, or as a stand-alone unit where space is limited. Each pole is equipped with four Rapid-Charge USB ports, including one underneath the table for handicap access. With its 30” table, you’ll be able to comfortably check email or recharge your battery while finishing your coffee or snack.

Perfect for hiking trails, stadium entrances, parks, transportation hubs, outdoor retail spaces, marinas or just about anywhere active users could use a quick charge. Constructed of carbon or stainless steel and finished with multiple layers of long lasting UV protected powder coating, longevity is ensured.

The charging station features an adjustable pole for easy orientation of the solar panel toward the sun. It is easy to install anywhere and comes fully equipped with:

  • 30" Round table

  • Reflective lettering

  • 4 Dual 3.0 Rapid-Charge USB ports

  • Dedicated handicap access port

  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Care Kit (extra fuse, touch-up paint, security screw bit)

All Sun Charge System’s charging stations utilize intelligent device recognition and include a four-stage battery management controller that ensures maximum energy absorption. The controller is continually regulating safe low-voltage power loads while managing efficient energy storage and distribution. This prevents power overloads, equalizes power loads to the ports, and helps hold a charge even during cloudy, dark, or rainy days.

Power supplies are contained in weather resistant enclosures and secured with theft-resistant safety screws. Poles are shipped with pre-drilled holes, allowing you to anchor your unit to a stable base.

Each pole is constructed of carbon steel that is then custom powder coated in any color of the rainbow – whether you want it to stand out in a shopping center or blend into the scenery. A stainless-steel option is also available for customers in coastal or other harsh environments.

Additionally, each charging pole can be equipped with a 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot, allowing up to 10 users to stay connected to the Internet. LED lights are also available for nighttime use.

Ask about our optional mobility base, allowing you the ease of portability during weekend or temporary venues or exhibits. Banner hangers are also available to provide for advertising sponsorship of your pole.


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