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About Sun Charge Systems

Sun Charge Systems is a division of Hornsby Steel, a Cleveland, Alabama-based company specializing in steel applications. We’re a group of 32 men and women who work hard to design, build and sell a product that is enriching the lives of people everywhere.

At Hornsby Steel, we used to say, “We don’t build anything, but we build part of almost everything,” since we specialize in manufacturing curved steel pieces, used in applications across the globe. Now, we're proud to offer a branded product - our Sun Charge charging stations by Hornsby Steel.

Sun Charge came to be because we’re parents too, and became frustrated when we weren’t able to take videos of our kids at the ballpark because our cell phones were dead. As the sun was setting over the little league game, it occurred to us – couldn’t we use the equipment we already owned, add solar panels and create an efficient, environmentally friendly way to stay charged and connected? So we got to work, creating the first Solar-Paneled Charging Station.

Our story isn’t unique, but it’s one of the American dream – we saw a need and worked hard to fulfill it. Our products have been featured in Business Alabama, Energy Alabama, Made in Alabama, Birmingham Business Alliance Magazine and many others. Proudly made in the USA, we invite you to consider including Sun Charge solar powered charging stations in your green energy initiatives.