metal park bench to charge phone

Sun Charge knows that folks prefer choices when it comes to our charging stations. That's why we offer plenty of options, no matter which of our products you're interested in. 


Sun Charge stations are fully customizable to meet your needs. 



Need your charging station to blend in with the surroundings, or stand out in the crowd? Either way, we have you covered. We can finish each of our products in any color of the rainbow, letting your school colors shine or complimenting local foliage.




Ensure your users stay connected by adding a 4G LTE WiFi Internet Hotspot to your charging station. Each hotspot can be received by 10 users up to 70 feet from the charging station. 



LED Lighting

Why limit users to just daytime? Each of our charging stations can be equipped with an LED light that has an illumination radius of 60 feet, ensuring a well-lit area 24 hours a day. 



Banner Hangers

Promote your facility or initiatives, or sell banner space to pay for your charging station over time with our optional banner hangers. 



Carbon or Stainless Steel

Standard Sun Charge products are built with carbon steel that has been powder coated, but facilities in coastal or other harsh environments have the option of products constructed of stainless steel, to weather any conditions Mother Nature can throw at them.