September 27, 2017 - The city of Jacksonville, AL recently partnered with local businesses to provide solar charging benches on it's Town Square.  The benches are equipped with signage on the back of the unit facing traffic to promotes the business!  Great idea for municipalities and businesses alike!  Congratulations Jacksonville!



Guntersville Uptown Bench.JPG

October 21, 2017 - The city of Guntersville, AL purchased 3 Uptown Benches for use by their citizens in the beautiful north Alabama town.  Shown to the left is City Clerk Betty Jones enjoying the outdoors while charging her mobile device.  Two bronze benches were placed at the Courthouse and below is a photo of a hunter green Uptown Bench located at one of Gunterville's many parks.  THANK YOU City of Guntersville!!  Enjoy!  Read more here: